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Big channels prefer trading with big channels. They see the value in saving their audience and are rewarded by out-of-the-ordinary response whenever they do upload or repost something. One way to do this is by using SoundCloud repost scheduling tools, which we cover in-depth in the new edition of The SoundCloud Bible.

By day Tim works for a notable management consulting firm, where he crunches data to find where businesses can improve efficiency and save money. The White Paper indicates Japan is continuing the tradition of buying or building military hardware in too small numbers and without a coherent, comprehensive defense procurement strategy.

The Truth About SoundCloud Reposts (and Paid Promotion) [White Paper]

Nice to have once everything in the arsenal has been shot off. As the SoundCloud trading atmosphere is like the Wild West, these findings can help you better choose your repost partners, as well as better estimate the value of a paid promotional offer. But all this detail is deceptive.

A repost by a highly engaged At the same time, the offering of paid promotion is increasing, making it easy for artists to resort to paying for their reposts. Eventually they end up ignoring the channels, or unfollowing them. How we established the contribution of a repost by a specific SoundCloud channel to an upload, is best explained as follows.

An average repost channel with The answer to this question would also have implications for traditional non-paid reposts, as the mechanics are identical in nature. These varying play-to-follower ratios support our initial fear; that the value of reposts is diminishing.

The changes are best described as miniscule, not incremental. And since bureaucrats write much of the White Paper, the need to overcome bureaucratic roadblocks hindering Japanese companies trying to get into the international defense market goes unmentioned.

It turns out that followers are not the best indicator for how many plays you can expect to get from a repost. Eventually they end up ignoring the channels, or unfollowing them. Want to learn more about SoundCloud. They currently cannot beyond the most rudimentary level.

We limited the age to less than two months old, as we assumed that after that period, the track would be at the end of its promotional cycle and any additional plays would be unlikely to result from active repost promotion.

In other words, if a Labels and artists tend to curate more when it comes to reposts and uploads, favouring quality over quantity, allowing them to develop dedicated superfans. That other channel might then do the same, and receive consistent uploads as well.

If the increases continue, spending might one day be about where it was circaor when compared to today, the Chinese and North Korean threats were enough to make one nostalgic.

This is what applications and websites such as Hype Machine and Artist Union use to access upload information and incorporate embeds from. Most of the low-ratio accounts were the repost channels, who reposted frequently throughout the day and had few original uploads on their account.

As the importance of SoundCloud expands beyond electronic music, labels of all sizes are catching on to the importance of having their SoundCloud plays on point. To answer this question, we had to pull a huge amount of data on individual tracks. Tim took it upon himself to analyze the data and to estimate the real efficiency of paid SoundCloud promotion.

You, like us, had likely expected this number to be much higher.


Not just total plays and hearts, but detailed information such as plays gained from reposts, who reposted what tracks, and how many followers those channels had. Now, truthfully, we have yet to experiment with paid SoundCloud promotion over at Heroic.

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DIY Paper Fans (easy!) – Materials. 2 sheets of A4 paper cut in half LENGTH WAYS (if you want to make the melons, you will need 1 green sheet and one white sheet too). © Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.

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White paper fans
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