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Haruhi finally helps Renge understand that accepting people for who they are is what's important and not who you assume or want them to be.

Kaoru pretends to be sick for the date and has Hikaru go instead. She says that she can't tell them apart and, perhaps, no one ever will. But Big Brother is actually Nekozawa.

Along with two of her clubmates, they disparage the Host Club and men in numerous ways, revealing their lesbian natures and belief in female superiority. Haruhi reads to Kirimi - shojo manga, of course.

The Hosts take action to rescue Haruhi after Benio manipulates her into taking the lead role in Lobelia's extravagant musical production. Haruhi defends Kyoya, but begins to see the down-side of wealth. Tamaki insists that they help the brothers reunite and so, they go to the dojo where Chika is now Captain of the Karate Club.

Honey is disqualified as being too babyish which also eliminates Mori. The Host Club reunites and Haruhi mentions that she would prefer visiting an actual beach. The squad mistakes Haruhi for Honey and Mori as a suspicious person. During club hours, Honey experiences sudden tooth pain and Mori finds that he has a cavity ; the number one rule until the cavity is fixed is no desserts or snacks.

They reunite with the other hosts and find Tamaki has purchased a dog which he names Antoinette.

Ouran High School Host Club

She refuses until she learns that Benibara's late mother would be disappointed in Benibara for cancelling the show. Haruhi finds herself wandering a weird version of Ouran Academy that can only be described as a Wonderland.

With the hopes of her dearest friends hanging in the balance, Haruhi makes her move. Haruhi and Hikaru manage to break free of the trap courtesy of Haruhi's hidden sewing kit and they reunite with Kaoru and Soga and, eventually, all of Class 1-A. Ouran High School Host Club episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.

Ouran Koukou Host Club - Episode 1

At the end of the party, a "queen" is chosen to receive a kiss on the cheek from Tamaki. Tamaki tries to impress Ranka with his appreciation for Haruhi, but Ranka only refers to him as "the enemy.

She ends the episode by commenting on how the Host Club has too much fun, but her smile declares that she's glad that it does. Upon seeing his daughter underneath Tamaki, he dislodges Tamaki from Haruhi face first into the wall. At that point, Kyoya sees the ironic truth and laughs, demolishing the barriers between them and setting them up for a true friendship.

He begs for Haruhi's help and wishes her to keep it a secret, but the twins find out and the four of them become Team B. Yoshio Ootori, Kyoya's father, slaps him for wasting his time on such a frivolous club. The feud between the twins carries into the classroom and later, the refectory where everyone sees them.

Honey apologizes to Chika for causing so much pain and suffering for him, but won't give up being true to himself. Instead he edits the footage into a popular movie to sell to their customers.

Chika demands that Honey steer clear of him at school. They discover that Shiro has a crush on a girl called Hina who will soon be moving away and that she and Shiro were supposed to play a piano piece together, though Shiro is woefully unprepared, having spent most of his time watching her with adoration while she played alone.

Ouran Koukou Host Club - Episode 1

This leads to the twins dysfunctional view of others being untrustworthy unless they can tell the twins apart; which of course, no one can. Tamaki and the boys investigate Haruhi's 'aggregate commoner dwelling.

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When Kasanoda next visits the Host Club as a customer, he requests Haruhi; and because the other guests also think Haruhi is a boy, they become quite excited about the Yaoi possibilities.

They all prepare to go to the commoners supermarket, but Tamaki lags behind to pay his respects to the shrine of Haruhi's late mother, Kotoko. Hikaru and Kaoru devise a game to find out what Haruhi is afraid of.

Ranka invites the hosts to stalk Haruhi with him, partly to keep an eye on his daughter and partly so that he can be seen publicly with a group of handsome boys. Kasanoda is touched by everyone's good will and goes to find Haruhi, who is changing in Music Room 3 and, just like Tamaki, he learns about Haruhi's gender by accident.

During their date, Hikaru runs off due to another encounter with Arai, and a thunderstorm occurs. The outré reverse-harem comedy Ouran High School Host Club () continues the tradition of gender-bending anime. Ouran High is a private academy, catering to the super-rich and superficial.

Ouran High is a private academy, catering to the super-rich and superficial/5(). Below is a complete Ouran High School Host Club episode list that spans the show's entire TV run.

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Photos from the individual Ouran High School Host Club episodes are listed along with the Ouran High School Host Club episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 TV | HD (p) | More Details.

After Haruhi literally stumbles in on the Ouran Host Club and breaks an expensive vase, she discovers there’s only one way she’ll ever be able to pay for the damage - working as a Host!

Watch Ouran High School Host Club Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Haruhi Fujioka is the main character of the Ouran High School Host Club series.

She is a highly intelligent 1st-year student from a middle-class family ("poor" in the eyes of Ouran students) who attends Ouran Academy on scholarship based upon an entrance exam. TV New student Haruhi stumbles on the Ouran High School Host Club, an all-male group that makes money by entertaining the girls of the school.

Ouran episodes
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